Hello, and welcome.


I just put this site together on Thursday, so things are still forming. Gelling. Setting up. In development. 


I mainly did it because people kept asking me if I had a website, and it was getting really awkward. 


 Most of the people visiting this site will be somewhat familiar with my sense of humor, because they are probably my mother. Hi Mom!


 If you stumbled upon this site at random:

 I am sorry I don't have the pornography you were looking for but you're welcome to come back when you're finished. If you develop a new fetish while you're here, that's lovely. Please be sure to never tell me about it, but do give me credit on your Tumblr. 

I am sorry you saw that one cute animal drawing and thought it was going to be all about that in here and then there was all this horror and nekkidness and profanity. Not VERY sorry, but a little tiny bit. 

 If you came here from Linkedin... who the Hell looks at Linkedin? The only reason I remembered mine is that people kept trying to "connect" with my "profile" which is full of "nothing." 

 If you are wondering what the Hell is wrong with me, it can be partially explained by... well, this explains nothing at all.  Here's a cartoon!